9 Feb 2012

War Wounds

Send your army home,
I won't fight tonight.
Let us sit and have a chat instead.

Tell me your story,
I won't ask you 'why'.
I won't tell you its not sad.

Bring your best wine,
I won't take you to bed.
Let's make talk, and none else.

Stop, listen, don't think,
I don't want you to see.
All the lies we hide behind the honesty.

Close your eyes, and be
Closer to the fantasy.
Yes. The one you never dared to dream.

Let me show you
The darkness you never tread.
Where I roam free, and you will too.

Find that flight of destiny,
And find the soul.
That will take you there.

And in the end,
Let us shake hands and say our bits.
Let's meet at dawn, resume our war again.

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