7 Feb 2012

Id vs Ego

A: "Its important that you know that what you are doing is incorrect."
B: "Says who?"

A: "Me. Why, isn't what I think important enough to be considered at least as friendly advice?"
B: "But I'm not looking for advice. I'm looking for ....."

A: "Yes. That. I'm sure you don't know what you are looking for, and you want to find out, this is a journey... blah blah. And all that."
B: "Why? Isn't what I think important enough to be considered at least as one individual's interest and curiosity?"

A: "Why are you doing this?"
B: "What?"

A: "Turning tables... You always do that. Its unfair you know."
B: "Unfair. Incorrect. Listen to yourself!"

A: "Are you judging me?"
B: "Are YOU?"

A: "Its impossible to win an argument with you."
B: "Are you accepting defeat already?"

A: "This is redundant. Do what you want. I won't say a word."
B: "Do you think I really care what you want me to do or not?"

A: "I'd liked to think that you did. You don't, and that's my problem."
B: "Do you like walking around with the weight of the world on your shoulders?"

A: "No. Just you."
B: "Why?"

A: "What do you mean 'why'? That's a stupid question."
B: "See. I told you. We don't always have all the answers."

A: "Yes, But I like to think I do. It gives me some peace."
B: "How can you live inside your bubble, and never even look outside?"

A: "What's outside anyway? I have everything I need right here."
B: "You'd do anything to keep that illusion alive, won't you?"

A: "Yes. Its called passion. I'm passionate about the things I believe in."
B: "And if I believe that my life should be a travelogue written about the journey 'outside' the bubble, is that being devoid of passion?"

A: "But if you want to burn all bridges, how can you come back to anything? Or anyone?"
B: "What if I'm not looking to come back?"

A: "Then you walk alone."
B: "I'm not afraid of walking alone. But when I sit down, I'd like to have a nice cup of tea, with some nice people, chat, have a biscuit or two. Then get walking again."

A: "You think life is like what they say in books?"
B: "No. I don't know what life is."

A: "Then what is the point of all this philosophical engagement? Isn't it an exercise to figure 'it all out'?"
B: "Philosophy is just ideas, written in nice words, printed in jacketed covers, and specially signed by the authors, in non-posthumous cases."

A: "Is everything for you a version of theoretical cynicism?"
B: "No. More like cynical theoreticism."

A: "Is that even a word?"
B: "Who knows. Who cares."

A: "I do. Explain yourself to me."
B: "But, I really don't want to."

A: "Well, if theories and philosophies are ideas, lets hear your's!"
B: "If I write a book, I'll send you a signed and jacketed copy. Hard bound."

A: "You live in denial."
B: "Of what?"

A: "Reality."
B: "Reality is relative. My reality seems impossible to you, and your's seems unlivable to me."

A: "SO do we part ways here?"
B: "Why? Walk with me. You might like it. Leave, if you don't want to, or if you get tired, of walking."

A: "And what if 'you' leave?"
B: "As long as we are walking the same road, I don't see why I would just take off and turn another way."

A: "Wake up. There's NO ROAD."
B: "Dream a little. Maybe you'll find one there."

A: "When do you stop, and I begin?"
B: "Why do I need to stop for you to begin?"

A: "Because we cannot exist together."
B: "We ARE, because we exist together."

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