25 Feb 2008

Vicious Circles of Weak-ends

Its my Monday greys again... blue is too cheerful to be even considered. I woke up, reluctantly... I never enjoy waking up, and I mean it with all possible puns intended, I never did. But mostly, its an act of compulsion, peer pressure, parental advisory, duty or lose motion. In my case it was extreme disgust... it was MONDAY, and that was all. But the fun fact being, the other day, I took this quiz on Facebook, to see how lazy I was... they said I was a "supermom"!!! Meaning what? I hope it doesn't mean I'm too lazy to use contraceptives!!!!!!!!! Maybe, I ain't getting it right, but I've had a perpetual ego battle with Mondays, especially sice it comes right after my weekend. Life's unfair, okay, message burnt home... but this unfair??? Seriously, I think its time we came up with a revolution or something ... to include Mondays into the weekend...
But, then... what happens to Tuesday? So this is a vicious circle of market mechanism. All this brouhaha about weekends... makes the rest of the week so criminally offensive. Like, no one even has a term for week-starts!!!

24 Feb 2008

Another weekend, just slipped through...

Its sunday today, and its around 2 p.m now. the weekend is almost over, and it seems the last two days have been anything of an excitement, since I moved here. Well, the big thing being, being I now have an internet connection in my hostel room, a luxury that had eluded me before this (in JNU). So my over flowing enthusiasm was understandable, even to me. the first web page I checked out was 'facebook' of course, then 'orkut', then 'hi5' and then 'yahoo'. It was clearly a desperate measure to get back in touch with humanity... as it seems now, it was surely a mistake to be made on the very day an internet connection comes creeping into my arena of melancholy solitude... as expected I was hooked... for almost 26 hours... Then I slept, for hours... and look at me now... my weekend is almost over!!! And I'm still holding on to the shreds of the last few hours of my weekend... saying it was "The Best, and Most Exciting" and things like that... Fact is I'm still alone and pretty lonely, even when all my friends are virtually peeking out of little thumbnail pictures... All so small and insignificant... its almost like the same feeling knowing I'm so far away, they all are starting to look smaller.

22 Feb 2008

Back on Earth

And what a great place to begin with, this December I was actually here in person, close enough to click it... an achievement by itself. It was one of those getaways that matter more than the ones you plan, budget and execute like any other corporate deal. Life here was on slow motion, people smiled without reason, but no one thought they were insane, for the sane amongst us do not laugh without an exchange, in cash or kind, we do both.

A whole day, out of a city I so love, out of a life I so crave... and yet it all seemed so desirous, so out of reach and so so wonderful... and thankfully Shortlived.