20 Aug 2008

it does come back around...

Well, I really don't know where and how to begin this. But noticing I'm one sentence down, I think I've crossed that hurdle already. When I logged into my blogger account this morning, I was actually planning on writing something else. Like a 'comeback' thingy... but as it turns out, I'm not a good planner, and my plans tend to generally not go according to themselves. So, this thing that I noticed is, the title of your new post comes first - here it goes, "Do we all start with a Header in mind?" I mean, when we write something, do we more often than not start with an actual within quotations topic title in mind? Like when I looked at the Title bar, I kept thinking, for about thirty seconds... well, its not that much I know, but yet... who knows these same thirty seconds might have been of immense importance, power and life making significance to someone somewhere! But, I used them to ponder upon a virtually and immediately resultless thought. And I came up with an idea, that, I will try and write something according to the first thing that my extremely volatile mental factory churns out as the day's first Title. Today's is "it does come back around..." Now where on earth did I acquire that from, only Lord God knows, but now its more of a challenge, than just an idle passtime to fill my blog with interesting 'looking' posts. Being fairly boring myself, this is all I have to procure a stable interesting persona... Nevertheless, my present preoccupation is that its turning out harder than I thought it would be.

I try and remember, what exactly the idea was behind this curious Title, when I came up with it, but as always, my memory basks in the glory of having confused me to no ends, and is continuing to do so. Even my standby memory falters, as to what may been my thought string, when I decided on this Title. But alas! Nothing comes out. I suppose, its a game... to find out if everything we think in our heads are actually linked by stings, if all our thoughts have six degrees of separation! Perhaps not, or perhaps yes, and it is for this exact reason that we feel disoriented at our own thoughts, and sometimes somethings make sense out of the blue! Curious, very curious!

But, for some unforeseen reason, it finally comes back around. So it does come back around. Here, for example, I started with a question... a question that dragged on for two whole paragraphs, but then I ended up answering my own question. And I realised, when we have dialogues with our selves, we tend to ask more questions, unabashed at the otherwise shameful feeling of chance embarrassment, and then also answer these queries as if a thirst inside to prove an omniscient quality. I am the raw deal of this, I do it all the time. Talk inside my head, have fights, ask curoius questions and demand instant answers... but ultimately I do oblige and answer it. So, it does come right back, the answers, because mostly the questions form because we know the answers... quite like the fact that we start writing with a Title in mind! See... "it does come back around...".