1 Feb 2013


Falling and standing
Across from you.

Feeling failing
Without you.

We were always one part of two
We had all the answers too.
These are signs of time
Pulling us apart, inside out.
Hope you understand and acknowledge
The hands and feet we have grown,
Around each other.
Now look at us-
This is the moment
This is the place
This is the reason
Always knew what put us together
Would drive us apart.

Deeper and higher
Away from you.

Closer and farther
We go.


  1. i loved d pic...its just superb...nd awesome poem too...i thought i ws reading the lyrics of a very famous love song... i think we really hv 2 go 4 a coffee ... ;p

  2. Anonymous11:48 pm

    You make me remember a 6yr old girl i met in a half lived dream 9962 days ago, not knowing if it was real because the night never saw the day yet. Irony is that she had the same name, only she had 6 vowels as to yours 5 cause her name ended with double e. She was full of life, her mind was pure and always asked the right questions. We were separated and a forgetfulness was cast on us, i remember but she forgot, or pretends it never happened when two hearts beat as one. May your love be never separated from you ever. May God bless you always. May you always walk in light and love.

    1. I believe a thread runs through us all. May you find what you seek.