18 Jul 2010

Reached new levels of low. The whole thing doesn't even make me sad. Anymore. Life in a limbo. Ah... Clever. Temporary, I hope. It doesn't make much sense to keep staying at one state for too long anyway, because then it stops being a state and becomes a BE-ing. How odd. Who stops to think about that? Did I stop? Was I BE-ing a state?

Accepting things as they are, everyday everywhere, is the hardest part of life. I try. I fail. I keep thinking. Why do we have rights? So that they are listed. Controlled. What about the one that skipped the list? Those are priviledges. Priviledges that separate men and women, men and men. All women are equal anyway. In a way. Or ways. Hard to see eye to eye at that, eh? My point exactly.

Still doesn't make me sad. Life in limbo. Could I be in limbo and yet change? I ask. I answer. I fail. But I still try. I accept. I think. Mostly, yes.

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  1. hi..i like your expressions in movies...really awesome... act atleast single movie/year...really missing your expressions.:(